Have you ever had advertisements and advantages leading you to shopping? Do you unwittingly think that you have been in the store too long and spent more than you planned? These may be due to some marketing strategies.

Place of Products

Have you ever been unable to locate some products in a store or grocery store you always entered? In order for you to spend more time in the store, browse and buy different products, the store owners are constantly changing the locations of the products. To avoid this, ask an employee where is the product you are looking for.

Free Shipping Option

Free shipping for your purchases of 100 $ or more. How many times do you read and hear this sentence, right? However, this causes you to buy more products than you need.

‘Limited Edition!’

‘Stocks are limited!’ ‘Special discount for tonight! Do not miss out!’ These sentences are sentences to get you moving and to highlight your desire to get a share of the less in a limited time frame… When you come across such ‘opportunities’, do not shop unless you really need it, and make sure to compare the prices before the campaign and the prices in other stores.

Trial Products

Technically, you don’t have to buy anything you tasted at the grocery store. But retailers know how guilty you might feel if you don’t buy the product you tried. If someone does something good for you, you are more inclined to do something good for them. However, when faced with something like this, you shouldn’t feel obliged to buy something you don’t like.

Color Strategy

Certain colors have a big impact on the way we view a product or shopping experience. Take a look at the color red … It creates a sense of urgency and often targets impulse receptions. Blue and green are used as calmer colors that attract careful and cautious customers. The next time you are in the mall and you see a red sell label, take a step back and decide whether you really need the item that caught your eye or if you are about to buy by impulse.

Slow Rhythm Music

Playing soothing music causes you to slow down even if you don’t realize it. Thus, by spending longer time in the store, you spend both time and inevitably cash.


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