Making money online is one of the most remarkable topics of the last period. It is especially attractive to make money on the internet with the presence of phenomena in social media and they receive the ads we call viral.

How about using the internet, one of the most important technologies of the 21st century, beneficial?

For those looking to earn extra income or freelancers, there is a way to make money online. Good income can be obtained especially with sales made on Instagram. So what can be done on the internet?

Create Original Content!

If you can write text, produce original content and sell it. You know, most sites are starting to look alike now. That’s why those who can write original content always stand out. If you have literary language and creativity, you can earn money by writing original content.

Open a Boutique Shop on Instagram

Social media has entered our lives so much that it makes up 3 out of 4 of our lives like water that covers our body. One of the most preferred social media applications is Instagram. You may have noticed if you have an Instagram account; Even accounts with almost a thousand followers are transferred to boutique accounts and start selling. You have to have materials on hand for this, but it is possible to earn money in second hand sales.

Sell Your Clothes – Your Goods

There are sites set up for second-hand sales. You can sell clothes or any item you put on the internet online. There are even those who shop from the Vintage market and sell these products on second-hand sites. Thus, they create additional income for themselves.

Set Up Website

This may seem difficult at first, but you can set up your own website. Don’t just think of it as a news site. If there is a plan that you think you can stand out as different from other sites, you can go into practice. Like the example I mentioned above: A site selling second hand goods. For this, you need to get infrastructure work and support.

Open a Blog

When you go to entrepreneurship workshops, people who are generally known on social media say that you need to have a blog or youtube account. The reason is that you have both the opportunity to introduce yourself here and the chance to earn money. Maybe you have heard of an application where you write your stories. The story written by someone popular thanks to that app has even been filmed recently!


Knowing a language is always important. If you want to open up to different cultures, you must know a language. Many translation agencies require you to translate online. The language you have already learned will be to your advantage and you will be able to earn your money by translating. Thus, you will turn the ungratefulness of the language into an opportunity.

Social Media Management

We always talked about social media, but we never talked about social media management. Small and large companies are now aware of the importance of social media. If you think that you are a social media installer and follow the developments closely, you can add new experiences in the field of social media management.


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