All international and local supermarkets use some sales tricks to increase their sales. If you are aware of these sales tricks, you can save more on your supermarket purchases.

I want to share with you the sales tricks of supermarkets today.

Although these tricks are used to increase sales of supermarkets, the status is now reversed, your shopping spending with the awareness of these tricks will increase your savings and be budget friendly.

Supermarket Cheats You Should Know

In the rest of the article, I will first talk about budget-enemy sales tricks in supermarkets and then make suggestions for you to save money in supermarkets. Continue reading.

Are You Aware of Which Way You Are Entering Supermarkets?

You may not have noticed it before, but think about how you entered the supermarket. Are the entrance doors on the right or on the left? Bring the biggest supermarkets to your eyes right away. Think of the small discount stores in your neighborhood, local discount stores in your country. Correct answer, right!

Supermarkets meet you at the door in two directions, you will usually see the aisle with fresh vegetables and fruits on the right. It is important for you to see this because they try to convince you to sell fresh produce at first impression. Big and small shopping baskets will be waiting for you when you turn left immediately. Clever, it takes action as soon as possible.

Shopping Baskets

Almost two people can fit in the shopping carts in supermarkets. Large shopping carts remind you that you are always getting nothing and that you can shop more. Although the number of products you buy is large, your brain will not be convinced because the shopping cart is not completely full.

Didn’t you say “I didn’t buy anything but paid too much money” when you went to the cash desk some times?

Easy to Enter, Difficult to Get Out

Almost all supermarkets are designed to keep you inside longer. As you walk like a labyrinth to this side, the aisles and products shout, “Look, I have a discount, take me, take me with you”. Your brain hears all this. Let’s give the most common examples; Imagine entering any big store just to buy water. How many minutes can you reach the safe? Hold the stopwatch.

Do You Hear the Sound of Music?

The largest supermarkets always broadcast music like national radios. So why? You did not go there to have fun, you can listen to music comfortably at home, moreover, the supermarkets do not want to entertain you, their sole purpose is to sell, but you can make them happy by spending more.

The reason for the music you hear in supermarkets is to isolate you from the outside and to focus more on shopping and products.

There is a lot of positive research today on the impact of music on consumers. Even the genres of music can create different effects when shopping. More simply, have you seen a non-music commercial on TV?

Top Selling Products Are Always Behind

The most sold items in the grocery stores are the daily ones. Which you need more on a daily basis; Products such as cheese and delicatessen are at the back of the markets. Of course, the aim is to travel more and encounter more products until you reach the product you will buy. Whichever direction you look at the markets designed like a labyrinth, you will see the products on sale. Remember, your chances of getting it for them are always high.

Legendary Products at Eye Level

Supermarkets always place the products they want to sell the most, regardless of the aisle, at eye level. Sometimes, companies can make agreements with markets to promote their new products and to place their products at eye level in order to reach more consumers. It is also useful to know that the most expensive items are placed at eye level.

How Can We Save on Market Shopping Expenses?

Although supermarkets have different sales tricks, we can save our shopping expenses by being aware of these tricks and taking some precautions. How does?

Make a Shopping List

Before you step into supermarkets, be sure to prepare a shopping list. Put everything you need and buy in your shopping list. When you go to buy, just buy whatever is on your shopping list. So you will not spend unnecessary expenses.

Make Sure You Are Not Hungry

Make sure you are full before you go shopping. You can add many products that you do not want to buy with a feeling of hunger into the shopping cart without realizing it.

Pay Attention to Shopping Carts

Do you remember what I said about shopping carts while describing the tricks? Choose small shopping carts.

Thus, you will be aware of all the products you will buy and you will not make unnecessary purchases.

Don’t Waste Unnecessary Time in Supermarkets

Just grab what’s on your shopping list and leave the supermarket in no time. Any extra waste of time can make you spend unnecessary expenses. Try not to wander around, especially in the aisles.

A new discounted product can be launched into your cart anytime!

Pay Attention to Price Tags

Compare the weight and price tags of the products you will buy. Pay more attention especially to discounted products. Although some products seem to be discounted, you may cause you to spend more money than your budget, as the weight will be lower than the non-discounted product.

Be Aware of Product Prices

There are many supermarkets in our country. If you have time, do price research to save more on your budget. You can keep track of discounted products or easily compare prices and products through the websites of the supermarkets. Being aware of prices will really relieve your budget.


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