The money education you will give to your children will play a major role in the formation of his money character. So, how should you go about telling your children about the money, what should you talk about?

Play Games

You can play monetary theme desktop games as well as set up your own game and let your child join as a separate player.

Make a Shopping Plan With Child

Plan your shopping budget together. Play how much you should spend on shopping and find suitable products in the market to shop under this amount.

3 Piggy Bank

Introduce your child to 3 Piggy Bank ‘Accumulate, Share, Spend’. By dividing your child’s pocket money into three; Transfer it to ‘Spend’ to get today’s wishes and needs, ‘Accumulate’ for its goals and ‘Share’ for those in need.

Help Him Manage His Spending Money

Encourage your child to use the money you give properly. Plan a budget together. See together how much you follow weekly, monthly budget plans. Help him with how he can reduce his weaknesses (junk food, toys, etc.).

Assign Tasks to Your Children

Try to provide him with additional income besides pocket money. But he should earn this income from issues that are not responsible at home. For example, when your child helps you wash the car, he can earn money in return, but since he is responsible for collecting his room, he will not earn money in return.When they see to earn the money from these tasks, they will want to take an other responsibilities. So kids will gain awareness of making money.


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