Everyone knows that fast food is not that healthy, but fast food is sometimes a difficult thing to refuse for everyone.

In some cases, what pushes us into fast foo is convenience. After a long and tiring work day, when the person goes home, he wants to go home and rest, not to deal with cooking for half an hour. So it is easier for us to stand on the road and buy something or order online.

Sometimes the only thing that makes fast food unbearable is its taste. No matter how healthy a person is, there is at least one unhealthy food he loves. Whether it’s a huge, mouth-watering hamburger or ice cream, we sometimes want to eat fast food.

It must be admitted that the fast food industry is not that bad these days. Every fast food chain now offers a few healthy options, such as salads or grilled chicken, for consumers who take care of their health. But there is something that these chains cannot change; prices.

What Does This Habit Cost?

It is a bit strange to talk about fast food as something expensive. Ultimately, McDonald’s and Burger King always boast of great value. This is really true; fast food restaurants are cheaper places than full service restaurants.

In fact, this is not a big issue unless we overdo it, because according to the price information on the menus of McDonald’s, KFC and Burger King, the single price of fast food is in the range of 9 – 14 dollars.

Paying 9 – 14 dollars for a food in a fast food class may not seem like such an expensive move, but when it becomes a habit, the cost reaches troubled figures. If you spend 9.50 dollars in a fast fooda once a week, it costs about 450 dollars a year. This is not an insufficient figure to start saving money or buy lots of stocks directly.

How to Save?

How can you control this habit? If you want, you can get rid of this habit. First, determine when and for what you eat fast food. After that instead of eating fast food you should make a  plan  to eat cheap and healthy home cooking.

Check out some extra ways to help you with this:

1. Breakfast in Cramped Times

It is easier to get coffee when you are in a hurry in the morning, but breakfast times are great times to eat and drink. You can take a bowl of yogurt with some fruit or granola on it and eat it on the road. Or, if you want, you can make things like sandwiches on the weekends, freeze them and warm them up during the week.

Another alternative is to prepare oatmeal from the night. If you leave the oat in the milk from the night, they will soften as much as you can eat in the morning. All you have to do is heat the oats a bit in the microwave oven. You can enrich this recipe with yogurt, fruit, peanut or herb seeds.

2. Lunch You Can Take With You

If you have less than an hour of lunch time, you usually go to fast food, but it will not be possible to save money. There are options to solve this problem. This does not necessarily mean that you have to carry sandwiches and fruit with you every day. You can put the leftovers from yesterday in a bowl that can be thrown into the microwave oven, and you can heat and eat them at work. You can also bring the sardines that you have cleaned beforehand so that they do not get watered. Another alternative is to prepare and bring a small but varied lunch, such as meat, cheese, vegetables, fruits, peanuts, crackers.

3. Pre-planned Dinners

If you are going to work overtime, you can plan to prepare meals without hassle when you come home. The so-called “multi-purpose cooker” devices that cook food over a long period of time and slowly are ideal tools for this type of thing. In the morning, when you put the ingredients of the dish in the multi-purpose cookers and bring the setting to a low level, a warm meal will be waiting for you at home in the evening. You can reach hundreds of recipes to be made in these cookers by searching the internet as “multi-purpose cook recipes”.

4. Practical Solutions for Dinner

If you don’t have a multi-purpose cooker, it’s okay. On weekends, you can prepare your weekly meal and throw it in deep freeze, then you can heat it and eat it. Or it’s easier; freeze leftovers from your meals so you have something to eat when you arrive home late. Another alternative is to prepare the ingredients in advance and cook them when they come home. Thus, when you come home, you will not have to worry about preparing materials.

5. Various Snacks

Sometimes you realize that you are hungry on the way back home, and instead of waiting until you get home, you enter a fast food restaurant and eat something. To avoid this situation, you can carry healthy snacks with you. Foods such as fruits, peanuts, crackers, granola bars are easily transportable and energy-rich.

If your problem is the taste of fast food, there are cheap solutions for it. Fast food products such as hamburgers and pizza are things that can be easily done at home. Also, when you prepare fast foods at home, you will have eaten healthier fast food products from many fast food restaurants. With a little practice, you can prepare fast food foods at home more deliciously.

The recipe of McDonald’s famous fast food products such as McMuffin with Egg, Chicken McNuggets or KFC’s Panini Sandwich or spicy wings is also available on the internet. Even if you cannot get the same taste directly, they will be delicious enough to suppress your life. There is no harm in eating fast food from time to time, as long as you don’t overdo it.


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