There is an inseparable integrity between the concepts of time and money.

When it comes to savings, savings and investments, it is not possible to talk about money where there is no time phenomenon and time when there is no concept of money. To save one, you usually need to spend the other.

Your perception that will change against the relationship of time with money can bring you closer to your financial goals.

Check out some advice that will change your perception of these two concepts.

Change your perspective against time

If you do not accumulate in a certain period of time, you will not be able to repeat it. You spend all your money and you can’t start again by returning to the previous time period. The key to accumulation is that your monetary compound is collected for decades without being touched.

Often people think they can start accumulating at any time they want. This is possible if their willpower is strong enough, but every time spent without saving causes that disappearing an important potential irreversibly. This contradicts the argument that wealth is in the long run.

You can think like this; If you have the potential to save an average of 2000 $ each year and you do not start this year, you will lose 2000 $ in the long run. Of course, if you had evaluated this 2000 $ with investments and made a profit as of the year you saved, your profit would be much higher.

For this reason, you need to change your perspective towards time. Set concrete goals for this and realize the importance of timely savings for a fortune.

Make unexpected plans

People believe that all control is entirely in their own hands until something unexpected happens to them. We often make this mistake. But since such things are not expected, we lose all control the moment we are faced.

You can guess what is meant here are many negative situations such as illness, unemployment, because these are mostly unexpected situations that leave us in a difficult situation, but unexpected situations are not limited to only negativities.

For example, consider an unexpected partnership offer you received when you graduated. It can be for a law firm or an architectural office. If you did not have enough savings, an important opportunity would have been lost.

For this reason, you should be prepared for unexpected situations that can be both negative and positive. You can start making several plans for unexpected situations for this. Because time is much more valuable than money. Instead of seeing the power of time in the long run, you should already realize this in its most accurate form.

Start making sacrifices

A surprising change has been taking place in recent years. With each passing year, we know that more and more money is collected in the hands of only one segment. But now the dose of criticism towards this system is getting harder and harder.

The most surprising change here is in the Y Generation and Z Generation. Survey results show that they understand the value of money, although they show that they are saving for their desired lifestyle as opposed to saving for retirement like their parents.

Now, not only the rich who discover the power of money and try to collect as much money as they can, but also young people are aware of the power of money. On the other hand, the reasons they have for saving, such as reaching the desired lifestyle, show that they understand the value of time and money.

Go back and see how far your spending gets you closer to your goals or how you get away. And answer the most basic question that can be asked: are you sacrificing enough?

Start investing

We have mutual funds consisting of a mixture of technology companies that can be purchased for 10 liras. There are shares of huge financial institutions that can be bought for 4 liras. What do you expect to invest, to be very rich?

Think in reverse, you need to invest to be very rich or to get the lifestyle you want. This is no different than deciding to go to the gym when you want to lose weight.

Regardless, save your spending and start evaluating your savings with the most ideal investments for you, such as collecting funds or stocks as much as you can. Don’t wait while your biggest supporter and driving force on this road is right beside you. Realize that you don’t need a lot of money to invest.


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